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Studying while working: Tips from students

Stefan Langfellner is studying part-time on the Master’s degree programme in Health, Social and Public Management (GSP) – this degree programme will be called ‘Managing Nonprofit and Public Services’ (MNP) from October 2024 – and talks about his experiences of combining his studies and career in this interview.


Stefan Langfellner BA is responsible for HR management, recruiting and special personnel in a social enterprise


Stefan Langfellner

Stefan Langfellner


Image source: manfred-scheucher.at

Hand on heart: how often have you thought to yourself, why did I do this combination of studying and working?

There have been times when I’ve thought that it would be great to spend the weekend with family and friends and enjoy some free time. But I think that’s pretty normal. However, the advantages of combining work and study outweigh the disadvantages for me. I can put what I’ve learnt into practice and use it for my professional career.

In your opinion, what rules should part-time students take to heart?

It is important to plan your learning and tasks carefully. I recommend completing tasks promptly. It is motivating when you can tick off successfully completed tasks. This also prevents you from overloading yourself.

How do you experience the cooperation among the students on your degree programme?

The cooperation with my colleagues is extremely positive. Our group is made up of people from a wide variety of professional fields. I find the dialogue and collaboration very enriching and motivating. This is definitely an important aspect for a successful period of study.

What was different for you in the BB programme than you had previously thought, where did you have to adjust your perspective?

On the whole, my expectations and ideas were largely fulfilled. The various courses have awakened my interest in topics that I didn’t have so much on my radar before the degree programme.

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