How do you best manage your life as a student?

Self-management, time management, organisational management, workload management, stress management, concentration management, learning management, study management – is it even possible to manage so many things in a single student life? The great thing about practising management while you’re still a student is that there’s not so much new stuff afterwards. After all, according to the dictionary, “management” means “the person or persons who control or direct a business or other enterprise” – and sometimes our own life really would need more persons to control or direct it, wouldn’t it? 😉 😎

On this page we have collected a few tips and tricks on various self-management topics, each preceded by a short introduction. Hopefully you will find something useful for everyone!


Procrastination means the postponement or putting off pending tasks or activities – for example, the idea that it is enough to start studying or handing in a paper tomorrow, that is, tomorrow. So: tomorrow, or in some cases the day after tomorrow. In any case, not today. To a certain extent, it makes sense not to take care of everything immediately, because other, more urgent, or important things may be pending. However, at the latest when success at the FH or one’s own life suffers because of a bad conscience and stress, it is time to seek help.

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Time management

Just as with procrastination, not everyone and not everyone always needs good time management. It often helps, but is not urgently necessary as long as one’s strategies work halfway. However, if an area of your life is sinking completely or important things no longer have a place in your daily routine, it can be helpful to consciously take a little time and try out different time management methods. With a little luck, you can soon find something that suits your life and regain control over your own time!

Corporate Finance Institute: Time Management

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