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FH OÖ commits to creating and maintaining a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment for all students. Students are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings wherever they are, and to have a plan in the case of an emergency. Here you’ll find safety and security resources, tips, and apps.

Safety Information, Resources, and Tips

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Police Department – 133
  • Fire Department – 122
  • Ambulance services – 144
  • Crisis hotline – 142

Safety at FH OÖ

If students feel unsafe at any FH Campus, the Gender and Diversity Management Conference – GDM-K can be contacted at any time to help

Safety at home

Safety when going out

Safety on Social Media

Recommended Apps for Safety and Security

The app was primarily designed to improve security for women; however, anyone can use the app. Often times, people feel afraid and insecure when in a situation alone. Therefore, Sekura offers several features to be able to react better, feel safer and make the public space safer, in the case of an emergency. Thus, it is possible to do the following:

    • emit a loud siren sound,
    • call an emergency contact,
    • to simulate an incoming call
    • send your own location to up to 3 contacts and
    • mark dark streets and places.

Download: Sekura (

To make it easier to find places, the app developers of what3words have divided the world into 3m x 3m squares. They have assigned a unique combination of three words to each of these squares. Based on this assignment, it is possible to identify, find and share locations with pinpoint accuracy.

Three words are usually entered faster than an actual address. This allows contacts to be quickly informed of where one is located and to respond better and faster in the case of an emergency.

Download: what3words app | Find, share and navigate to precise locations 

One Scream is a voice-activated app designed for personal safety, primarily for women. In the case of an emergency situation, a scream is all it takes to summon help. An instinctive panic cry causes the app to determine the current location and send help to the specified contacts. Important Note: the One Scream app must be activated for this, and a person’s phone must be nearby for this feature to work.

Download: One Scream – Personal Safety on the App Store (

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