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The University of Applied Sciences OÖ operates a qualified IT Service Desk for all locations. This is a hotline with appropriate technical know-how. This service represents the central interface for all IT users at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and is responsible for receiving all technical faults (i.e. software and hardware problems) but also for IT requirements and IT procurements. The IT Service Desk provides all students with in-depth assistance, information and problem solutions for all services offered.

Phone: +43 5 0804 15000
Mo-Fr: 7.30am – 4pm

IT Services for guests, professors, staff and students

Tutorials and videos on IT services 

A variety of IT services are available to you at FH OÖ. In the accompanying Moodle course you will find tutorials and videos as well as further information on the respective services. In the learning management system, we accompany you step by step through our IT systems and convey the relevant information through various short instructions and learning videos in an easily understandable and clear way.

Information about the IT services at the University of Applied Sciences

Digital-Learning-Information for students


At the equipment rental in Hagenberg, students of the campus can borrow various equipment such as iPads, Mac Pro, video camera, microphone, photo camera, fog machine and much more.

Through the rental system you get a good overview of the available equipment and can make a reservation request directly. With appropriate approval, the necessary items can be borrowed free of charge.

Information equipment rental Hagenberg

Rental shop for reservation requests


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