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Mindfulness is a state that is achieved by concentrating on the present moment and calmly accepting feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Being in the here and now is not a normal state for most people. They deal with the past, with worries or the future, and hope to get better soon. A mindful person, on the other hand, is wide awake and experiences himself and the moment completely in the present. This helps against stress and distraction in everyday life.

Be Mindful: Course for improved mental health

Oxford: Mindfulness Foundation

Body Scan

“The Body Scan is an exercise in which you learn to be mindful of your body. You practise to stay with yourself and to gradually feel your whole body – from your feet to your head. In doing so, you encounter yourself and all your thoughts, sensations and feelings with a benevolent, accepting attitude. The exercise is used in a similar, longer form in courses on stress management through mindfulness. Many people are able to relax deeply or feel their bodies more intensely.” So says this german website. There are many websites offer describtions of the technique “Body Scan” and also provide practical examples:

Greater Good in Action: Body Scan Meditation

Healthline: How to Do a Body Scan Meditation (and Why You Should)

Verywellmind: Body Scan Meditation

Headspace: Body scan meditation to reduce stress

Mindfulness 360: Body Scan Meditation – Jon Kabat-Zinn

All those who like to pick up a good book can try the diverse works of Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the renowned “Stress Reduction Clinic”. Here to borrow 

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