Homosexual initiative Linz

HOSI Linz (Homosexual Initiative Linz, on Facebook) is the lesbian and gay movement in Upper Austria.

Questions & answers

What's our mission?

We help people who have problems due to their unusual sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Our support includes not only advice, we also offer community, and as an institution we raise our voice in the public with relevant information and socio-political manifestation (see also our magazine PRIDE).

We offer community (frauenstammtisch, infotainment, parties, excursions) in our queer bar “forty nine” (Website, Facebook) at Schillerstraße 49, 4020 Linz (in the evenings before days off).

Our aim is to take action against discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity. This should help the individual concerned, but also, of course, improve life in society as a whole. After all, it is the fundamental right to privacy and personal self-determination that is to be realised.

Which people are welcome to join you?

Of course, all people can contact us. In addition to homosexual (lesbian, gay), transident (transsexual, transgender) and bisexual people, heterosexuals also sometimes seek information and counseling from us. Because heterosexuals often have to deal with non-heterosexual people in their private or professional lives, worry about their well-being or have problems with them; of course, this also needs to be discussed.

Our main clientele, however, are people who cannot and do not want to conform to heteronormativity (“you should live heterosexually!”).

Which topics do students come to you with particularly often?

Regarding the students: In the interest of our clients, we are totally discreet in our consultations. Most of the time – that is, if the clients do not want to tell us of their own accord – we counselors do not know what educational or work situation they are in.

On their problems: the most common concerns are about coming out and going public.

Coming out means becoming aware of one’s sexual orientation or identity and fully accepting it for oneself.

Going Public refers to the conscious step of coming out, that is, living one’s sexual orientation or identity publicly (i.e., no longer hidden or repressed), of not pretending to be heterosexual. To be completely normal – natural, authentic and self-confident – myself in the social environment, that can and should be a goal. However, individual consideration must be given to whom the going public should be made and where it is considered better not to come out.

But there are also many other motives for which those seeking advice turn to us: various questions of sexuality, search for a partner, relationship problems, crisis of the soul, social politics and anti-discrimination, …

What is the process when students seek help?

When people seek our ear and advice with their issue-related problems, they write us an email (beratung@hosilinz.at) or – even better – call our counseling phone number during our counseling hours and make an appointment for a personal conversation:

Counseling hours are Monday and Thursday (except holidays) from 8 to 10 pm: 0732 60 9898 4.

Then how can you help?

The best way is always a personal conversation in our consultation room at the HOSI Linz: Schillerstraße 49, 4020 Linz.

Sometimes the inhibition threshold of a personal conversation at the HOSI (Schillerstraße 49, 4020 Linz, by appointment) may be too high at first. Then one or more phone calls can provide reasonably good relief.

Of course, there is also the possibility of discussing one’s concerns via e-mail, but this is clearly the most time-consuming and, above all, lacks the possibility of personal communication (voice or eye contact, facial expressions, gestures).

How can you be reached? Also for English-speaking students?

This is important to know (you can of course google us too).

By e-mail: beratung@hosilinz.at

By phone: Monday and Thursday, 8 to 10pm, 0732 60 9898 4

In person: Schillerstraße 49, 4020 Linz, by individual arrangement

Our pub “forty nine” is open to all from 9 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and before holidays (neither registration nor membership is required).

English speaking persons are invited to write an e-mail to our counselling team (beratung@hosilinz.at) to make sure that a polyglot team member of us will establish the contact.

Membership in the HOSI Linz is of course not a prerequisite for using our services. Still, we welcome memberships; they are an act of solidarity.

Tips from HOSI Linz for students looking for help:

Our tip for everyone – for students and everyone else: Feel free to entrust your concern to us.

Our counsellors have expertise in the affected areas: They are homosexual themselves, with successfully completed coming out and going public, and therefore – and due to their life experience and consulting work – they have the appropriate capacity to support you.

Of course, we also bring social competence (empathy, discretion, …).

Even if the first step to contacting us is difficult for you, it pays off. This is our experience. We want to help you and do our best.

In this sense: welcome to HOSI-consulting!

You would like to contact us or tell us something? We are looking forward to reading from you!

You are welcome to send us (Compass-Team) a message anonymously or directly.

    • If you want to write anonymously, just type the message and send it.
    • If you have a personal question and need an answer, please also include your email address!


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