What is depression?

Depression is defined as a serious mental illness that can occur at any age. Those affected feel very depressed, lose their interests and are exhausted and listless. The illness persists over a long period of time and rarely improves on its own. (see mayoclinic) These pages contain information on depression. If you have the feeling that you or someone you know is affected, you can turn to support organisations in confidence.

Need Some Help?

All four FH Upper Austria campuses have trained contact persons for “Mental Health First Aid”, who are to be understood as the first point of contact. The JKU in Linz is home to the “Psychological Student Counselling Centers”, which is also open to all FH Upper Austria students and offers on-site appointments as well as counselling and psychological help by phone and chat. Our “Need Some Help” brochure also lists other institutions that offer help with psychological (and other) worries and problems.

To maintain your mental health, you can try to take good care of yourself. Perhaps our tips, which you can find here, will help:


Testimonials, information and support services

Experience report “depression”

Video “I had a black dog, his name was depression” (World Health Organization – WHO)

Video “Living with a black dog” (WHO)

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