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What is crisis management?

When a person is confronted with events or a situation that he/she is unable to cope with at the moment, it is called a crisis, which involves the loss of mental balance.

Every person experiences major or minor personal crises in the course of his*her life. How significant this crisis is for the respective person or whether and in what intensity a crisis arises, depends on the experiences and the ability to deal with it.

How do crises arise?

Crises can occur unexpectedly or develop due to ongoing stresses. They can be triggered by different situations. They can be small everyday things such as an argument or larger ones such as financial difficulties, loss or illness.

Manifested at different levels, crises are accompanied by different symptoms and complaints. Often, incipient crises can be recognized in advance and it is possible to intervene in time. However, it is important to note here: Not every psychological, physical or social change indicates a crisis. It is important to observe the symptoms and complaints and to reflect on them as far as possible.

In order to manage a crisis in the best possible way, there are different approaches. Starting with the identification of the trigger or occasion, through the minimization of physical and psychological dangers, to seeking professional help.

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