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The events of the University of Applied Sciences OÖ can be found on the website under Events. Information on the events at the individual faculties is described below.


The ÖH offers various events for students, e.g. free legal advice or free personal coaching. You can find upcoming events at ÖH FH Upper Austria.

Different locations

Campus Hagenberg

Hagenberg Campus organises a varied programme of events ranging from the legendary “Summer Fest”, the “Bierkistenrennen” (beer crate race) or the “Pub Quiz” and to more formal events such as the “International Fair” (where incoming students present their home universities).

Of course, there’s more to student life in Hagenberg than just studying – there are plenty of leisure time activities to pursue here as well. Movie nights and student parties regularly take place on campus.

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Campus Linz

Life is not just for work and studying – you need time to relax and enjoy yourself. Linz provides a lot of opportunities for you to do this Linz is an excellent place to go shopping, even for students on a limited budget!.

In the centre of the town, Landstrasse is a great place to shop. Give yourself time to explore the side-streets, too – particularly the stretch  Bischofsstraße – Spittelwiese along to Herrenstraße is sprinkled with the kind of speciality shop that you can never find in big shopping centres.

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    Campus Steyr

    Steyr has a lot to offer, from live-music at the farmer’s market, summerly outdoor cinema fun or sports activities in and around Steyr: it’s a busy time with a lot of offers for everyone. This is the reason why being a student in Steyr also means taking part in funny parties, participating in the “Boatmania” – the craziest boatmania in Austria – regular events, cosy pubs and bars and enough time to get to know each other. Many events, concerts, different markets etc make your visit to Steyr a remarkable one.

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      Campus Wels

      There are many things we could tell you about Wels, such as its central location, the great infrastructure, the good job opportunities in Upper Austria and the economic strength of the region. Wels has a notable size (for Austria ;)) which means that you’ll find everything you need here, without the city being too big and overwhelming.

      But you can easily find out this information yourself. We would like to give you a few insider tips about what we and especially our students can experience every day in Wels and at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels Campus.

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